Safety Management

The safety management solution, based on ACM-e’s  SAFER® platform, improves the safety management in all contexts in which it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment/clothing (PPE) to access limited access areas.  Safety Management solutions can be customised to offer specialised site access control features.

The solution is based on the following principles:

  • All personnel is assigned an identification card with RFID that allows:
    • personal identification;
    • job functions, tasks assigned with related safety requirements (i.e. access restrictions, PPE required, etc.);
    • OHS management (i.e. medical check-ups undertaken, documents provided etc.)
  • Each PPE is RFID tagged to allow its identification (i.e. helmets, shoes, fluorescent vest, etc.).
  • At a controlled entrance/exit, SAFER controls the identity of the worker, his/her task and the PPE that person is actually wearing and SAFER applies the rules required by the established security procedures.

SAFER identifies the non-conformities and acts in accordance with how it has been configured (i.e. by either emitting a sound alarm, an alarm flashing on the control console, physical barriers opening/closing etc.).

The Software application allows:

  • Management of the registry of the operators, with the ability the to insert, delete, modify the operators admitted to the work site including visitors. Every operator is identified with an RFID badge or with a unique ID;
  • Management of the PPE registry, with the ability to insert delete, modify, the individual protection devices required don the work site. Every PPE is identified with a unique ID;
  • Management of the equipment registry, with the ability to insert delete, modify the equipment required by the work site, or the work instrument assigned to the operator;
  • A relationship between operator, PPE and equipment, the possibility for every operator to find a corresponding PPE and relevant equipment;
  • Configuration of the users of the software system and the principal functions of the electrical devices installed in the entrances/exits;
  • Tracking of all events occurring at entrances/exits;
  • The elaboration of reports relative to the employee absentees from work sites, allowing reports to be generated (graphics on web platforms) on the commitment of resources in terms of days/ people, divided into company and specialisation;
  • Exporting of reports relative to entrances/operators/PPE/equipment.